Lynda Niles
      OT Associates
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  • Training

  • As well as potentially facilitating training for OT staff, I am able to provide some training for areas related to my clinical work. I have been delivering training through workshops, speaking at conferences and events etc.

    These sessions may be of interest, to parents and carers, to OT staff and to other professional groups.

    Training can be delivered as a bespoke package bought in by an agency or organisation and delivered in your setting (school, GP surgery, training department etc.)

    Some training courses and events will also be run and made available more generally.

    Examples of training sessions recently delivered include:

    • Brief introduction to basic sensory integration issues
    • Twilight training session for schools re impact of sensory processing difficulties on learning
    • Introduction to mental health issues and how to respond for non-mental health staff
    • Life beyond school - The challenges of transition for young adults

    There are a wide range of issues that I am able to deliver training or workshops or talks on; these include:

    • Child and adolescent development
    • Mental health issues for children and young people
    • Mental health issues and impact on daily life,
    • Activity and occupation
    • Transition and changes for children, young people and young adults
    • Sensory Processing Difficulties and Sensory Integration therapy and interventions
    • Involving children and young people in health and social care services
    • Being young people friendly
    • Being child friendly
    • Autistic Spectrum Disorders
    • Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorders
    • Working with Looked After Children
    • Adoption issues
    • Culture, race and ethnicity and health and wellbeing
    • Religious belief and health and wellbeing

    Please contact me to discuss any training issues that you think I may be able to help with, and to discuss costs.

    Please note - some workshop sessions will be offered free of charge either as short taster sessions for small groups, or free information sessions for voluntary sector or charity groups.


  • Participation and involvement.

  • With a new emphasis being placed on QUALITY of services and the FEEDBACK from service users being seen as an essential benchmark for developing health and social care service, a number of organisations are beginning to seek to develop PARTICIPATION and INVOLVEMENT projects with their service users

    What services may find challenging are the issues with getting to grips with working with children and young people specifically, or those with additional needs that may not respond so well to traditional invitations to join patient groups or complete feedback forms etc.

    Drawing on my own personal experiences and my past work with the Department of Health, the Regional Health Authority, and the former Government Office with the You're Welcome programme I am able to offer a range of services specifically around participation and involvement, from training and development of staff groups; to undertaking specific involvement project work. Please contact me to discuss ways in which I may be able to help support work you may be planning.


  • Project Work

I am able to provide or undertake short term project work, this may involve:

  • service user involvement
  • service audits
  • service reviews
  • business planning for new projects and developments
  • option appraisals of new ways of working
  • or other specific task orientated projects.