Lynda Niles
      OT Associates
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Who is Lynda Niles?

My name is Lynda and I am an Occupational Therapist, that means I try and help people who have difficulties doing ordinary things in everyday life, using fun activities and games.


Why I might be able to help you?

I am good at working out puzzles – working out why some children find some tasks at home like dressing and washing or tasks at school like writing or joining in PE or speaking out in class may be really difficult.

But I don’t just work out why, I also help you and your parents and teachers work out how to make some of the challenges easier for you to manage and how you can do things that you enjoy doing much more.


What might I do?


What do you do if you have lots of questions?

Talk through with your parents or your carers about seeing Lynda, but if you still have questions you can ask me when we meet up.