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(P/C) good for parents and carers
(Prof) good for professionals
(C) good for children
(YP) good for young people
(A) good for adults


(Prof P/C YP) The National Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Association -
(P/C) -


(Prof P/C)National Autistic Society
(P/C) West Norfolk NAS Branch -


(Prof P/C) Dyspraxia Foundation -
(P/C A) Dyspraxia UK

Health and disability issues

(Prof) Association of Young People’s Health
(ALL) Kid’s health -
(Prof) National Children’s Bureau NCB

Transition Information Network -

(YP) Live lifewell -
(P/C) Cerebra -

Learning Disabilities

(Prof P/C A) Foundation for people with Learning Disabilities
(Prof P/C, A) MENCAP –

Mental Health and emotional wellbeing

(YP P/C Prof) Young Minds -
(Prof P/C, A)Mental Health Foundation -
(P/C, A) Anxiety UK -
(P/C YP) Self Harm -
(P/C YP A Prof) Charlie Waller Memorial Trust (depression and suicide)
(YP) Rethink for Young people -
(P/C YP A)Eating Disorders Association -

Occupational therapy

College of Occupational therapy COT -
COTSS-IP Specialist section for Independent Practice including Directory of OTs -

Parenting support

Action for Children Norfolk -
Family Lives -

Sensory Processing disorder

(P/C Prof) The Sensory Integration Network UK
(P/C Prof A) SPD -
(P/C Prof A) Sensory Smarts -

Special Educational Needs

Special Needs Jungle -
Norfolk County Council –
Norfolk Parent Partnership -