Lynda Niles
      OT Associates
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Teenagers / Young Adults

Hi, my name is Lynda and I am an occupational therapist who works mainly with children, young people and young adults. (I also work with the families, parents, carers and professionals who work with children too etc.)

  • What is an Occupational Therapist?

  • An Occupational Therapist, or OT, as we are usually known as, is someone who has trained and studied to be able to help people of all ages, with all sorts of difficulties to be able to live their life more effectively and easily.

    As an OT I am concerned with activities that you have to do during your daily life -

    • - How you may look after yourself and where you live.
    • - How you get on with working, studying or learning.
    • - How you have fun – what you do for leisure, or social time with friends and how you relax.


  • What I actually do?

Lots of different things that help me understand what may be stopping you "living your life your way"

If you want to know more about OT this link will explain more about how OTs can help lots of different people -

As an OT I will assess your situation looking at lots of different aspects such as -

  • - Motor skills and abilities
  • - Sensory processing abilities
  • - Cognitive skills and abilities
  • - Social skills and abilities
  • - Communication skills and abilities
  • - Practical abilities to manage day to day tasks
  • - Self-regulation and management of mood and emotions
  • - Motivation, interests and routines etc.

Using this knowledge of your strengths, abilities and interests, as well as what doesn’t go quite the way you would want it to, I would then agree with you –

  • - A programme of activities that may be helpful to improve your abilities or skills,

  • - We may adapt or modify the way you need to do certain tasks or activities at home, at college (school or work etc.), or in other community settings

- We may look at making changes in your environment to help you become more independent or find difficult challenges easier.
- Working together we would agree any new skills that need to be learnt or old skills that need to be improved.

Participation and involvement

I always try and work closely in partnership with all young people and adults that I work with, providing opportunities for you to give me feedback and information about how you would like me to work with you.